Culturetech is when invisible becomes visible
Culturetech is when shapes and forms tell stories

Culturetech designs lighting
Culturetech develops ingeniously audiovisuals and multimedia concepts and work out their control schemes
Culturetech is a creative technical engineering bureau
Culturetech feels light and pixels as a sculpture material
Its tools are cutting edge technologies, rigorousness, large experience, surprise and poetry
Its spatial expression reflects the essence, the harmony, the rhythm, the mystery, the utopia of an oeuvre

Culturetech elaborates its immersive experiences with high level scientist, brilliant thinkers, well-known and less-known artists, cultural authorities, industrial innovative minds
Culturetech is present from conception through completion, its idea and know-how applies to museum, permanent and thematic exhibitions, staging and theatres productions, hybrid spaces, private residences, retail stores and corporate or institutional events

Culturetech is multilingual and nomad

Contact :
Michel Helson
+33 622 89 72 68
Skype user name : michel_helson